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If there is one basic human instinct that runs deep in us, it's belongingness. We all want to feel we belong somewhere. We long to be part of what we believe can help change the world. And communities provide this sense of belonging by bringing different people together over a common cause. 


The Loving Community is a non-profit Christian organization, founded on the principles of love and sharing. At Loving Community, we strive to build a community that loves and cares deeply and genuinely for one another without differences, color or social status. We want to see a community like the first century believers in our generation. It has to start with loving one another!


The Loving Community was established with the vision of seeing a growing community of Christlike followers who are actively spreading the love of Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit wherever they are called to live and serve.

Our core value is based on John 13:34-35: "A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another."

Loving God is our priority. The more we love God, the more we'll be able to love our neighbors. The more we love one another, the sooner we'll be able to transform the world.


​At Loving Community, everyone will love deeply and care for one another especially those that are in need. Primarily, our mission is to share the good news of Jesus making them committed followers of Jesus Christ who will become a community ready to ignite with the love of Christ beyond borders!  


We want to see a loving community of Christlike followers who are actively building a loving community of Christlike followers.


We give free English Class to young professionals and university students who needs to sharpen their speaking and writing skills. We conduct Bible Studies, organize community events - from Christmas Outreach, to Coffeehouse Christmas, to Movie Night and Worship Night. We also run a small shop (Masterpiece) where we sell our beloved handcrafted items.


The Loving Community is a group of believers who are committed to loving God, loving fellow beings and making disciples of Jesus Christ. We do not have enrollment nor do we take any membership fee. If you believe in our vision and mission and is convinced that you can be an agent of change, you belong here!


Worship Night
Christmas Cantata
Christmas Cantata
Christmas Cantata
Christmas Outreach
Christmas Outreach
Christmas Outreach
Christmas Outreach

Pastor Nam is the Lead Pastor and founder of Loving Community. He is also a Christian educator and has taught in numerous international schools. He was born in a small hamlet of Tucha and raised in Imphal, and is the oldest of the five children born to Rev. Matthew Thiumai and Mrs. Wikhomliu Thiumai.


Pastor Nam recieved his B.Sc. degree in Zoology from Patkai Christian College, Nagaland. He continued his education by completing his Master of Divinity in Leadership Studies, with Pastoral Ministry emphasis at International Graduate School of Leadership, Manila, Philippines. Since then, his heart has been set to serve God in the footstep of his father. He is currently serving in Cambodia as missionary teacher and lead pastor of Loving Community Fellowship.

He is happily married to Jenny Chawang.

Pastor Namchamwi Thiumai

Lead Pastor & Founder Loving Community

Jenny Chawang is the co-founder of Loving Community. She is the fourth daughter of the eleven children born to her parents and is married to Pastor Nam. She is currently serving as missionary teacher in Cambodia.

Jenny Completed her Bachelor in Missiology from Missiological Research Center (now UTCM), Dimapur, India and then her Master of Divinity from SABC, Bangalore. 

She loves kids and has a heart to reach out to impoverished kids and young people by imparting skills and trainings. She is passionate about teaching and loves craftwork. 

Jenny Chawang

Missionary & Co-Founder Loving Community 

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